Is proofreading necessary?

Everyone at some point gets too close to their work. Your brain understands the content and your eyes read what you expect to be there, no matter how many times you go over it.

The truth is that even the very brightest people and best writers make mistakes when they write. When you put words on paper you’re no longer just a writer – you’re also a messenger. Every error distracts the reader from your message.

Grammar and spell checking applications can be useful, but they don’t pick up everything. Reliability depends on the version of English, and how many Australian words and colloquialisms have been added in. What happens if you are not sure which suggestions to accept and which to reject?

What we do

When the fresh eyes of our proofreading professionals scrutinise every word, they nearly always find spelling or grammatical errors, and often clumsy phrases that may cloud reader comprehension.

We provide proofreading services for many of our clients, who value a fresh pair of eyes. The service is provided after the initial typesetting, and the document marked up with suggested amendments for your review. Once the corrections have been made, the final version is provided for approval.


Need editing help?

If required, we can also provide editing services to improve tense, flow, consistency and offer content suggestions.

When you publish, your reputation (or of the organisation for corporate publications) is at stake. Your standard of writing needs to be clear and your arguments logical and persuasive. Your writing must flow, be consistent in voice and style and be a sharp, devouring read.

Professional editing can turn your manuscript from mere words into succinct content that is compelling, enhances your authority and creates a lasting impression.